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About PSG Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility: PSG Cares

PSG Cares

Corporate social responsibility is part of what makes Professional Staffing Group special. We care about the places where we work and live, and we strive to do everything we can to support and improve our community.

Innovative Non-profit Support

Innovative Non-profit Support

We have developed an innovative way to build non-profit support into our daily business model. As part of our Guaranteed Work Program, temporary employees are sent to work at our sponsored non-profit partner organizations on a daily basis. We pay the temporary employees but do not charge the non-profit organizations. This support is quite valuable to many of the sponsored non-profits that have limited budgets and really need the help.

Boston Partners in Education

We jump at the amazing opportunity to have a skilled and friendly PSG worker assist us with crucial work, especially when faced with tight deadlines. Because of PSG, we are able to complete a variety of tasks on time and on budget. We truly appreciate the support!

Pamela Civins,

Executive Director

Rosie’s Place

All of the temporary employees who have been sent to work at Rosie’s Place have been professional, helpful and hardworking. We are so grateful for your support!

Katie Amoro,

Development Officer at Rosie’s Place

Scholarships and Financial Support through Sponsorships

Scholarships and Financial Support through Sponsorships

Watch: Achly Esparra, PSG Scholarship winner

See Achly Esparra, PSG Scholarship winner, talk about her life experiences and goals.

Watch: Jerson Familia, Norma K. Clarke award winner

Be inspired by listening to the accomplishments of Jerson Familia, Norma K. Clarke award winner.

  • The PSG Diversity Scholarship is awarded to a Boston High School senior who promotes harmony among diverse groups. PSG also sponsors the Norma K. Clarke scholarship which also is awarded to a Boston High School student. For the past 12 years, PSG has provided an annual scholarship which is presented at the Diversity & Inclusion Awards Gala held by the New England Human Resources Association.
  • PSG sponsored the NAACP Freedom Fund Scholarship.
  • PSG sponsored the ALPFA/PSG Scholarship. (ALPFA is the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting.) The scholarship was awarded to an exceptional Latino college student.
  • PSG is a founding sponsor of Work Without Limits, an organization that aims to increase employment among individuals with disabilities.
  • PSG sponsored the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts TULEAP Scholarship (presented to an outstanding Boston high school student).
PSG Green Initiative

PSG Green Initiative

Professional Staffing Group’s commitment to maintaining environmentally friendly business practices dates back to the founding of the company in 1996. In 2001 PSG was the first Massachusetts staffing firm to adopt a paperless office; eliminating paper from our company was significant given the volume of data necessary in employment process. On a daily basis we strive to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We are also pleased to provide pro-bono support to environmentally focused non-profit organizations through our Guaranteed Work Program.

Lending Our Expertise to Disadvantaged Job Seekers

Lending Our Expertise to Disadvantaged Job Seekers

In addition to scholarships and financial sponsorships, PSG provides meaningful employment-related grass roots support and assistance to disadvantaged job seekers. Frequently, the people who need our help fall outside the scope of the type of candidates that we would place with our clients. To deliver this service, we partner with area non-profit organizations. Our assistance comes in the form of lending our expertise in the employment field and helping out the constituents of these organizations with employment activities. We provide this support on a very regular basis, including activities such as resume writing workshops, mock interviews, cover letter assistance, job seminars, and specific one-on-one job search assistance provided to individual candidates. All levels of PSG employees are involved in the support, from executives to our entry level staff.